Create a Professional Profile

Follow these steps to create a professional profile with the Fixle app.

From the Log-in screen select 'Create Account'

Log. In-1

Select and Create

Select 'Professional' Profile Type and press continue. On the next screen enter first and last name, and create a User ID. The User ID will be used to sign in to your account.


Verify Email

Enter your professional email address and verify with a code sent to that address.



Add Company Details

Add company name and additional company details including company logo if desired.



Verify Phone Number

Enter phone number and SMS code to verify phone number.



Select Plan

Select the right plan for you and your business. All plans include a 30 day free trial. If you need additional help selecting a plan please reach out to us at


Review and Pay

Review selected plan with payment to begin after the automatic 30 day free trial. Enter payment and billing information.



Add Personal Profile to Professional Account (Optional)

If you would like to add a separate profile for personal home items you can do so here by adding a personal profile. You can always do this step later in the settings. 



Sign In

After you create your account you will be redirected to the sign-in screen. Enter your credentials and sign in with the user id and password created.