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BIG NEWS: Fixle, Inc. Enhances Home Management by Acquiring EasyHome, Inc.
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Be the first to use Fixle and transform your home inspections into a digital resource homeowners will use for years to come. Putting ongoing and easy-to-use information about their appliances and home systems at their finger tips.

We are committed to providing the best possible user experience and welcome your feedback as enhancements and new features are added along with our expanding data warehouse.
Contact us anytime with comments, suggestions, or inquiries. 


Fixle Home combines the sophisticated appliance management capabilities of the Fixle platform with the comprehensive home care expertise of EasyHome. 

Offering you an unparalleled home maintenance experience.

Are you curious about the future of home maintenance? Sign up for our waitlist to be the first to access exclusive features, instant recall notifications, and personalized appliance care.

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Join the Fixle Home waitlist today and be the first to access our innovative solutions designed to keep homes running smoothly. 

Put the power of major appliance data capture in the palm of your hand.

Simplify homeownership and expand your business with Fixle.
Download the Fixle app today for free to test the early release.  
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