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Shifting Perceptions and Elevating Value in Home Inspections

Empowering Homeowners and Elevating the Home Inspection Industry

Published on

Feb 28, 2024

Written by

Kathleen Kuhn



In today's dynamic real estate landscape, the home inspection industry faces a significant challenge: the prevailing notion that a home inspection is merely a bargaining tool for buyers based solely on inspection findings. With the emergence of services like Repair Pricer and features like Repair List Generator, this perception becomes further entrenched. The recent inventory shortage and intensely competitive market exacerbate this issue, leading to a decline in home sales and a decrease in the percentage of buyers opting for inspections. After all, if buyers perceive themselves unable to negotiate home prices, the necessity of a home inspection diminishes.

However, it's imperative for the industry to shift this mindset and underscore the educational value inherent in home inspections, especially as buyers transition into homeowners. One effective means of enhancing this transition is by integrating Fixle into inspection services.

As the Chief Revenue Officer of Fixle, I acknowledge my inherent bias. My experience as a new homeowner, has in fact, reinforced the transformative impact of this platform. Despite my home inspection affirming the functionality of my induction cooktop, Fixle provided invaluable guidance on its operation, cookware compatibility, and the benefits of induction cooking. It was quick and accurate and gave the confidence I needed to use it effectively. As it turns out, it was through Fixle that my house truly became a home.

While visual inspections are adept at uncovering many issues, they don’t identify potential recalls, a critical aspect of safety. Recall alerts supplied by Fixle furnish homeowners with crucial and ongoing information regarding recalled products or appliances due to safety concerns or defects, ranging from faulty electrical components to part failures to fire hazards. Not only does this feature enhance safety, but it also emphasizes the ongoing value homeowners are provided by home inspectors.

Moreover, Fixle extends its utility by offering comprehensive appliance manuals and specifications. These manuals provide homeowners with essential insights into the operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of household appliances, from refrigerators to HVAC systems. Additionally, detailed information on appliance make, model, and capacity ensures informed decisions during replacements or repairs, aligning with specific homeowner needs.

By incorporating Fixle into home inspection services, inspectors can dispel the misconception that inspection value hinges solely on negotiation leverage. Instead, they highlight the enduring value of inspections in empowering homeowners with knowledge and safety. This shift not only benefits homeowners but also elevates the reputation and efficacy of the home inspection industry as a whole.


The Fixle App is Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

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