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Fixle provides major appliance recalls and more

Instant recall information, appliance manuals, specs and more, better privacy, and a 4+ star app are key differences between Fixle and RecallChek.

Published on

Nov 09, 2023

Written by

Kathleen Kuhn



People often ask me about the major distinctions between Fixle and RecallChek, a popular choice among property inspectors. The answer is quite simple yet profound: Fixle goes above and beyond the mere delivery of recalls. It equips home buyers with invaluable information that empowers them to effectively manage and maintain their home for years to come.

Here are some key areas of differentiation:

Instant Recall Information: With RecallCheck, inspectors enter the details of appliances into a mobile web form.  Several days later RecallChek produces a report. Fixle identifies recalls of appliance in our database instantly.  If for some reason the appliance added is not yet in our database, Fixle will find it, gather the appliance resources including recall status and update the app within approximately 48 hours. 

Appliance Manuals and More: Identifying recalls which is exclusively what RecallChek offers is just one part of what Fixle delivers. In addition to identifying potential recalls, Fixle gathers important appliance resources such as owner's manuals, manufacturer specs, energy guides, registration links, and more giving inspection clients the tools they need to operate and manage the major systems in their new home.

Theres an app for that:  Again, Fixle is not just a tool to identify recalls.  In addition to the Fixle Home Report, your client can also download the Fixle app branded to you to access the information in the report, update or change appliances, or add properties. With RecallChek your Client cannot make changes to the information initially added to the service even if your client changes appliances or moves.

Consumer privacy:  One of the biggest complaints is the sharing of Client's personal contact information. Clients do not appreciate getting solicitations from vendors because of your service, so Fixle never shares client's data or contacts your client to sell other services. 

Flexible User Interface: Fixles user interface is designed to give inspectors the ability to incorporate Fixle into their workflow with minimal additional effort.  To add appliances Inspectors can add items details manually like RecallChek, take an image of the appliance data plate and upload it into Fixle or scan the data plate.  Inspectors will need to verify all information is accurate in each step.  Fixle instantly creates the appliance profile and Home Report ready for sharing onsite or after review by the inspector.   

Fixlefolio:  Fixle is getting ready to launch Fixlefolio which is another enhancement and differentiator from RecallChek.  Fixlefolio is our backend dashboard that offers all the functionality of Fixle in desktop platform.  Inspectors or Office Staff can access all homes created in Fixle, add items, edit reports, resend reports, and everything you can do on the Fixle app. Providing full access and management capabilities to Fixle.  Another significant advantage over RecallChek!

Fixle is revolutionizing the work of home inspectors by harnessing the power of information collected on inspections and enhancing its value for clients and customers. Imagine if the home inspection reports you put so much time and effort into, which often gather dust on shelves or get lost on desktop folders, could transform into a lifelong resource that homeowners can rely on for the time they own their home. Fixle has brought this vision to life and is here to assist you in expanding your business and setting yourself apart from the competition. 



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