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Welcome to Fixlefolio: The Power of the Fixle App, On Your Desktop!

Fixlefolio is designed to help you manage home appliance data, create detailed reports, and enhance client communication, in one centralized dashboard.

Published on

Feb 17, 2024

Written by

Amanda Schulze



Hello Fixle Fans!

I am thrilled to introduce Fixlefolio – the latest innovation from our team at Fixle – designed to transform the way you manage properties and streamline your workflow.  As Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer, I am excited to announce Fixlefolio because it was born directly from early user feedback and has been built to bring incredible benefits to our valued users.

Fixlefolio is more than just a tool; it's your all-in-one solution for enhancing your Fixle experience, giving you options to decide how you want to work. With Fixlefolio, you now have the freedom to use a desktop dashboard and effortlessly evaluate properties on a larger scale and complete reports by seamlessly synchronizing data captured in the field through the Fixle app.

Here's what you can expect:

Effortless Data Population:
Simply scan data plates on appliances using the Fixle app or add items on Fixlefolio, and use Fixlefolio to view Fixle Home Reports with all the essential details on your desktop. Now, it's easier than ever to compile comprehensive reports with accuracy and efficiency.

Comprehensive Dashboard:
For those who prefer to work on a desktop or need an overview of multiple properties, Fixlefolio offers a comprehensive dashboard where you can manage homes, add items, and review reports with ease. Whether you work solo or have a team, Fixlefolio serves as your go-to dashboard for everything Fixle, streamlining your workflow and elevating your business intelligence.

Client Engagement: 
Seamlessly share reports with your clients and ensure they never miss a beat. With Fixlefolio, you can easily resend reports in just a few clicks, keeping your clients informed and satisfied every step of the way.

Existing Professional users can sign into Fixlefolio and start exploring its features today. Don't have a pro account? No problem, download Fixle to create one today, or upgrade from a Personal to Pro account through the app. And if you run into trouble, our support team is here to assist you every step of the way.

At Fixle, we are committed to delivering the ultimate customer experience, and Fixlefolio is a testament to that commitment. We are incredibly excited to bring this innovative solution to market and empower our users to simplify home maintenance and management like never before. 

Thank you for choosing Fixle as your trusted partner in home management. Here's to a future filled with efficiency, convenience, and flexibility with Fixlefolio at your side.

Amanda Schulze
Co-founder & Chief Customer Officer

Group 506



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