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BIG NEWS: Fixle, Inc. Enhances Home Management by Acquiring EasyHome, Inc.
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Coming Soon: Fixle Home and Fixle Pro

Hardworking home inspectors, property managers, service professionals, and homeowners have enough to worry about. That’s why Fixle created Fixle Home and Fixle Pro. These new apps put everything a homeowner or pro needs to know about major appliances and systems at their fingertips, keeping homes running smoothly.

Understanding what's in the home is essential. Fixle provides instant access to model and serial numbers, manuals, recall alerts, specs, and more for all home systems and appliances. Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of Fixle Home and Fixle Pro!

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Safe Homes

Fixle notifies you when possible recalls are issued, as well as how to address the issue.

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Efficient Repairs

With Fixle, you connect people to the information needed to solve problems fast.

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Connected Information

Fixle collects, stores, and shares the manuals, specs, warranties, and alerts to recalls needed to run and repair home systems and appliances.

Supporting Home Service Professionals

Fixle provides added value to your customers helping you grow your business.

Fixle's mission is to empower home service professionals with innovative solutions that simplify your work, free up time, and deliver competitive advantages.

Fixle Inspector

Home Inspectors

Home buyers depend on you for accurate, detailed, and timely information. With Fixle, you can provide more value than ever and do it faster and easier through the Fixle app or on desktop with Fixlefolio. Just add data plates on appliances and systems and Fixle populates the Fixle Home Report with your company's brand and all the home's model and serial numbers, manuals, possible recalls, specifications, dimensions, and more. You can even add photos and share the home’s information with clients through the Fixle app.

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Property Managers

Fixle makes it easier than ever to manage multiple properties. With instant access to detailed information on major appliances and systems, Fixle can help you mitigate breakdowns, streamline repairs, plan for replacements, and address possible recalls as soon as they’re issued. With Fixlefolio's comprehensive dashboard, now you can gain valuable insights into property trends at scale. Keeping everything, and everyone, safe and comfortable.

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Service Technicians

Customers depend on you when appliances and systems break down. Fixle gives you the information you need to solve more problems on the first visit with accurate model numbers, manuals, specifications, dimensions, parts, and alerts to possible recalls. You can even give your customers the Fixle app with your brand so they know who to call for repairs and upgrades.

Discover Fixlefolio: The Power of the Fixle App, On Your Desktop!

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Flexible Work Options

With Fixlefolio, you have the freedom to choose how you want to work. Whether you prefer the convenience of on-the-go data capture with the Fixle app or the enhanced functionality of a larger desktop screen and keyboard, Fixlefolio gives you the flexibility to work in a way that suits your preferences and workflow.

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Team Management

For those managing multiple users, Fixlefolio provides a comprehensive view of homes by team member. Review all details, including items added, appliance documentation found, and home reports created.


Enhanced Access

Streamline collaboration with your team and clients, review and edit Fixle Home Reports effortlessly, and gain valuable insights into property trends with Fixlefolio's dashboard.


Effortless Overview

Fixlefolio brings all the capabilities of the Fixle app to your desktop, providing a seamless transition from mobile to desktop. Now, you can easily manage appliance data, generate Fixle Home Reports, and access multiple accounts, all from the comfort of your desktop screen.

The Fixle App is Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Download Fixle today and start managing, inspecting, or servicing home systems and appliances faster and easier. 

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